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Eagle Paper and Flouring Mill is the only remaining representative of a large number of Kaukauna paper mills established in the late nineteenth century. The Thilmany Pulp and Paper Company produced specialty papers for the food industry. This large structure has been revitalized by Stadtmueller & Associates. The building now houses a Public Library of 26,600 square feet of space and is now home to books, movies, study rooms, public computers, a conference room and a history room. Expera Specialty Solutions, which is headquartered on the third floor, employees 110 people. The library required a "complete renovation," which meant replacing 234 windows, constructing a new roof, installing new plumbing and floor leveling. High ceilings and skylights bring in natural light. Three 6,000-square-foot first floor spaces are available for lease. Additional development projects are in the works. Those include a trail system along the river, a children’s garden, an observation deck and new outdoor lighting. "We’re transforming this property from an industrial complex to a commercial complex." -Stadtmueller & Associates.


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